Surfing! Come ride with the best.

We are a family who are passionate about surfing and its lifestyle and want to share this with you .

As soon as you join us you will feel part of our surf family .

We offer many different surf packs .

for all our rooms types :

Fully flexible : As many nights and lessons as you wish

Or x 5 , x3 or x1 in water surf coaching lessons

All packs include the equipment for your entire stay

Our lessons are every morning from 9am and will last for 1.5 -2 hrs

We stay at the beach all day in our protected beach camp and surf after our lessons

Meet Duncan and Dane Hall

Duncan has over 35 years surf experience of Peniche and surrounding areas, he first came to Peniche for a lads surf trip back in 1983 ,he stayed for 5 months and had the surf to himslef and the locals,he has lived and surfed in many exotic countries growing up, he always wanted to come back to Peniche ,said it was the jewel in the crown of surfing in Europe ,so we started coming for family surf holidays every year for 10 years,as Dane was competing and surfing for the Uk, it was perfect practise ground for him , every year we felt more at home ,the climate ,the beautiful people ,consistant waves and pure quality of life ,we realised this is our perfect lifestyle we have to live here ! This dream came true in 2008 ,we built our house and moved our family here but needed to make an income to be able to stay here so Peniche Surf Lodge was created !

Dane Hall our son, is an experienced, sponsored professional surfer who was a competitive surfer for over 10 years, he has surfed in and around Peniche since he was 11years old and is a well known respected surfer

with amazing talent that he shares in his coaching

He is also available for private coaching sessions. Check out his videos .

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